Subculture: The Meaning of Style

Dick Hebdige

"The meaning of subculture is always in dispute, and style is the area in which the opposing defintions clash with most dramatic force.”


"Punk reproduced the entire sartorial history of post-war working class youth cultures in ‘cut up form’... There was a chaos of quiffs and leather jackets, brothel creepers and winkle pickers, plimsolls and paka macs, moddy crops and skinhead strides, drainpipes and vivid socks, bum freezers and bovver boots - all kept ‘in place’ and ‘out of time’ by the spectacular adhesives: the safety pins and plastic clothes pegs.”


“Subcultures are therefore expressive forms but what they express is, in the last instance, a fundamental tension between those in power and those condemned to subordinate positions and second-class lives.”

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